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Photo: Concerts in Slovakia

The Music Centre works in cooperation with local organisers of cultural activity and occasional coordinators of cultural undertakings. Besides offering help to those holding single events, dramaturgic and methodical guidance is given to partners who are preparing larger cyclical undertakings, such as the traditional Musical Spring concert cycles, summer music festivals, and international festival events. Apart from concert appearances, the Music Centre runs composed literary-musical programmes which combine two components, the musical and the verbal. For the Centre, presenting these is a tradition of many years standing. Emphasis is placed on an appropriate choice of dramaturgy, with harmony of the components presented. Top-ranking artists of the musical and verbal genres are featured, where the artistic word adds emphasis to the thought of the musical composition and at the same time profoundly intensifies the hearer’s aesthetic experience. Within this category, apart from programmes designed with a definite musical content anmd dramatic orientation, we also offer poetic sequences and programmes arranged for a variety of social and historical occasions, and the anniversaries of composers, prominent personalities and historical actors, e.g. the Feast of Ss. Cyril and Methodius, the Slovak National Uprising, Constitution Day, and so forth, with the aim of presenting original Slovak work. In conjunction with musical groups, musicians and masters of the spoken word, these programmes add to the enriching and interactive elements of our cultural life.  

In the event of interest in the facilitation of concerts or composed literary-musical programmes for any occasion specified by you, we invite you to turn to us with your requirements. We in the Music Centre will be happy to advise you and to fulfil your commissions. 


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Updated: 14. 11. 2018