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Research of historical organs in Slovakia

Photo: Research of historical organs in Slovakia

Since 1998 our institution has implemented a project focused on basic research, mapping and documentation of pipe organs in Slovakia. Its aim is to ensure the protection of rare instruments in the form of their classification as relics. A comprehensive examination of organs has proceeded from west to east Slovakia and includes all localities, i.e. buildings, with the potential appearances of an organ (churches and chapels, buildings of congregations, schools, music institutions and others). To this point about 4,300 objects have been examined, and we are currently under the final phase of field research in the Košice archdiocese. The expert guarantor and concurrent executor of the largest part of the examination is M. Marian A. Mayer, PhD.). From 2000 M.A. Marek Cepko, PhD has significantly participated in exploratory works.

The results of the research and documentation have been subsequently processed into the information system, which was developed for its availability in the realm of the Music Centre.

From 2014 the Music Centre has closely co-operated with The Monuments Board of The Slovak Republic. The Commission of Experts on Historic Organs in Music Centre has been established based on the cooperation agreement of both institutions. Its mission is to expertly identify nationwide research and documentation of organs and to review and update the list of organs registered in the General List of Monuments Fund of the Slovak Republic.

The Commission also provides expert advice and opinions on the security, protection and management of historical organs, and in this matter it is possible to contact it at organyhc.sk.


Some examples of our precious historical organs:

Žakovce, Roman catholic parish Church of St. Nicholas, bishop

Spišské Podhradie – Spišská Kapitula, St. Martin's Cathedral

Krásna Hôrka castle – chapel

Updated: 06. 12. 2017