23 Apr – 29 Apr 2020

BANNER : Allegretto Žilina


Allegretto Žilina  –  the Central European Music Festival is an internationally recognised festival of classical music, being held annually in April in cultural and industrial centre of North Slovakia, in Žilina. The topmost young artists representing their countries (from Central European as well as other European countries) with considerable achievements and awards received in various music competitions are invited to play solo recitals or to be accompanied by renowned orchestral bodies particularly from Slovakia.

During one week there are six evening´s concerts, at least three of them should be orchestral, one afternoon´s concert at which laureates of the Slovak Conservatoires´ Competitions are presented and possibly some fringe events such as meetings with the artists, seminars or workshops. Besides excellent performances of outstanding young musicians, the festival is also a place for meetings of music pedagogues, musicologists, writers on music, representatives of agencies, cultural institutions, embassies etc.

The main organiser of the Festival is the Music Centre Slovakia, which is an organisation governed and financed by the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic. It collaborates very closely with the home orchestra - the Slovak Sinfonietta Žilina as the Festival takes place on the stage of the Fatra House of Arts. The Slovak Radio also contributes to its wide promotion by making radio recordings from the performances. The Festival Committee, which is composed of representatives of the Festival´s organisers and members of the Association of Slovak Concert Artists, is responsble for the programme of the Festival.

The Festival provides a significant space for mutual inquiring of cultural values and for confronting rendition skills of the first-class young performers from Europe. It enables to get more familiar with the music and performing arts of our neighbours and some other European countries as well as facilitating many form of contact. The idea of a fruitful international co-operation is here strengthen by support of our partners, especially Cultural institutes or Embassies of the countries seated in Slovakia.

This unique international event of the highest artistic level has become of great interest in public and press in many countries of Europe. The Festival has become a traditional event in the cultural life of Slovakia. The Festival proved to be beneficial not only to the young artists but it considerably contributes to promotion of classical music and performing art.

Festival committee:

  • Prof. Eva Blahová
  • Doc. Ivan Gajan
  • Doc. Eugen Prochác
  • Mgr. Vladimír Šalaga
  • Mgr. art. Marián Lejava, ArtD.
  • Mgr. art. Ronald Šebesta, ArtD.
  • PhDr. Igor Valentovič
Updated: 03. 03. 2020